Start your relationship on a high note: How to add marijuana on your first date?

So you finally met. You have been looking for each other for so long, and it seems the goal is achieved. On the first date, you always want to make an impression, so that later you will remember the place, what you talked about, what you were wearing, what flowers he gave.

Even if you met, for example, on a dating site and managed to learn something about each other, this is not a reason to relax.

Here we’ll share with you how to start your relationship on a high note – one of the most exciting moments in the life of a man and a woman.

First date tips

Not only is the girl worried before the first date. For a man, this is also an event. Indeed, in most cases, it is he who has to take on the main role in the walk.

Make an impression

It is imperative to put yourself in order. No, do not wear a tailcoat, a bow tie. And don’t pour a ton of cologne on yourself. Clean clothes and well-groomed shoes are all a man needs on a first date.

It’s clear that you have your favorite stretched T-shirt and home pants, but you definitely don’t need to wear them on a date. 

The only exception is if you want to show yourself as a regular type of guy. In that case, do not forget to warn your girl so that she doesn’t come on high heels.

Flowers: to buy or not to buy

Should I buy flowers or not? Many men ask this question before the first meeting. You definitely should! But if you are going for a long walk in the park, then it is better to do it at the end, so that the bouquet retains its original freshness.

Place to meet

If you still call a lady to have sex with the phrase: “Come to my place for tea,” then it’s time to throw it out of use. The young ladies perfectly understand why you call them. Also, they understand how all this can end. Therefore, do not be surprised that there will be situations when she simply refuses you even before the first date.

It is better to make an appointment somewhere in a cafe or a park. And if she doesn’t mind continuing the date at your house, this is a real jackpot. The main thing is not to get impudent.

However, prior to the long night walk, we strongly recommend you visit the photo exhibition. By doing so, you will be able to show your intelligence and good manners right from the start.

Moreover, by looking for the art work that appealed to you the most, the man will be able to share his love of art with the chosen one.

Make a plan

It is worth thinking over the route and the cafe in which you are ready to treat your woman in advance. 

And, of course, give compliments. The elementary phrase “you look very good” is enough to add an extra bonus to your karma.

After the date (if everything went well and you are ready for the second meeting), be sure to invite the girl to accompany her home.

Put the embarrassment aside

As we mentioned earlier, both parties of the meeting will inevitably be worried. A good way out of this situation is to smoke CBD cigarettes. You can do it either before the date or right with the girl because CBD cigarettes is legal.

But how will CBD smokes help me on the first date? Everything is very simple. Cannabidiol will help to get closer to the girl more quickly.

This means that apart from getting more confident, both of you will be more relaxed. It is a well-known fact that cannabis relieves tension, so your date with a mail order bride will be unforgettable for you.

Have no one to smoke CBD cigarettes with? No worries! With the help of this product, you can find a bride much faster than ever before.

Common first meeting rules

Unlike women, who are allowed to come on a date a little later than the agreed time, men should come on time.

There is nothing worse when your chosen one constantly looks into the phone. So it’s better to move it away and turn off the sound.

You should not take your favorite dog or child with you on your first date, even if the dog is compact, and the child is obedient. It will be possible to open all the cards a little later, when, for example, the first kiss has already taken place, or if you realize that you cannot live without each other.

In no case do not rush things, trying to take your newly-found darling by the hand, infringe on the first kiss, and everything that follows. Do not extinguish a fire that has not flared up yet.

Remember that a mail order bride should not tell everything about herself at once. After all, if all the riddles are solved on the first date, the man will lose interest in the next meeting.

A ton of perfume is also inappropriate here. Some of you may have a headache from the pungent smell of perfume, and you simply will not be able to have a good time.

If a woman offered to drink a glass of wine on the first date, do not try to get drunk. For everything to work out well in the future, you need to be able to control your emotions.

On a first date, you shouldn’t be interested in the monthly income, health insurance, and your partner’s sexual habits.

In order not to look like a glutton and not frighten off a woman you like with excessive wastefulness, do not order too much food in a cafe, even if you are very hungry.

“L’art de voir est la seule vérité.”

“A l’origine de l’art poétique dans son ensemble, il semble bien y avoir deux causes, toutes deux naturelles. Imiter est en effet, dès leur enfance, une tendance naturelle aux hommes – et ils se différencient des autres animaux en ce qu’ils sont des êtres fort enclins à imiter et qu’ils commencent à apprendre à travers l’imitation –, comme la tendance commune à tous, de prendre plaisir aux représentations ; la preuve en est ce qui se passe dans les faits : nous prenons plaisir à contempler les images les plus exactes de choses dont la vue nous est pénible dans la réalité, comme les formes d’animaux les plus méprisés et des cadavres. Une autre raison est qu’apprendre est un grand plaisir non seulement pour les philosophes, mais pareillement aussi pour les autres hommes – quoique les points communs entre eux soient peu nombreux à ce sujet. On se plaît en effet à regarder les images car leur contemplation apporte un enseignement et permet de se rendre compte de ce qu’est chaque chose, par exemple que ce portrait-là, c’est un tel ; car si l’on se trouve ne pas l’avoir vu auparavant, ce n’est pas en tant que représentation que ce portrait procurera le plaisir, mais en raison du fini dans l’exécution, de la couleur ou d’une autre chose de ce genre.”


Ceci “C’est ce que je fais qui m’apprend ce que je cherche. Ma peinture est un espace de questionnement ou les sens qu’on lui prete peuvent se faire et se defaire. Parce qu’au bout du compte, l’oeuvre vit du regard qu’on lui porte. Elle ne se limite ni a ce qu’elle est, ni a celui qui l’a produite, elle est faite aussi de celui qui la regarde. Je ne demande rien au spectateur, je lui propose une peinture : il en est le libre et necessaire interprete.”

Pierre Soulages

Diotime : Voilà donc quelle est la droite voie qu’il faut suivre dans le domaine des choses de l’amour ou sur laquelle il faut se laisser conduire par un autre : c’est, en prenant son point de départ dans les beautés d’ici-bas pour aller vers cette beauté-là, de s’élever toujours, comme au moyen d’échelons, en passant d’un seul beau corps à deux, de deux beaux corps à tous les beaux corps, et des beaux corps aux belles occupations, et des occupations vers les belles connaissances qui sont certaines, puis des belles connaissances qui sont certaines vers cette connaissance qui constitue le terme, celle qui n’est autre que la science du beau lui-même, dans le but de connaître finalement la beauté en soi.
Platon, Le Banquet.